Postcards…They’ve Come a Long Way

Some of you might remember the time when postcards were mainly used to send friends and family a note while traveling, with a picture of the traveler’s current location and some sort of message on the front, like “Greetings from Florida!”

And if you don’t even remember those days (or perhaps it was before your time!), then you won’t be surprised that postcards, just like those travelers, have come a long way.

In fact, I can’t remember the last time someone sent me a postcard while on a trip, but I do receive quite a few postcards in the mail. Sometimes they’re invitations to events, such as Save the Dates for weddings, but most of the time, they’re promotional postcards sent by companies, highlighting a promotion. 
And though we still love and sometimes collect those traveler’s postcards, we love even more to see the different ways in which you can imagine and design them.

Take Melissa Valladares’ cards, for example. Mellisa is a Los Angeles-based editorial/commercial photographer who specializes in portraiture and interior photography and works for several magazines in the area. Her postcards don’t really look like promotional pieces at all, but with their sheer simplicity as well as the beautiful photographs she features, they’re compelling marketing pieces that are sure to get anyone’s attention!

Promotional postcards by Melissa Valladares

stack of promotional postcards by Melissa Valladares, printed at GotPrint
Promotional postcards printed by GotPrint, in velum envelopes.

Perhaps you have a party coming up and are in need for some great invites? If so, we advise that you take heed from The Odd Artist from Odd Multimedia, who designs fun and colorful “Party Rock” invitations on large, round-cornered postcards. Feature an eye-catching design on a thick card stock and your guests just won’t be able to resist posting them up for display.

Party Rock invitation postcard printed by GotPrint, posted on a bulletin board.

Party Rock invitation postcard printed by GotPrint

We know that planning formal events such as a wedding can be stressful, not to mention expensive. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to toss a part of that stress (and expense) out the window by ordering affordable postcards, printed on thick card stock for your invites?

In fact, a postcard can be designed to be just as elegant as any other invite you’ve received. And if you don’t believe us, just take a look at the invites and announcements for weddings and senior graduations provided by Jeffrey Rease. Pretty impressive, aren’t they?

Various wedding and senior graduation postcard invitations and announcements, printed by GotPrint

If you have a creative postcard of your own, be a pal and let us know. And if you haven’t gotten a chance to design one yet, you can get started on our website, where you can upload your design or design online using our design tools.

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