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In today’s market, it’s crucial to leave an impression, whenever, however you can, through your actual work, to the way you promote yourself. One such way of doing this is to showcase your talent on business cards. After all, business cards are sometimes the first impression that you make on someone, and that first impression may be the only chance you get. Isn’t it important that you use it wisely?

Consider the dozens of cards and people you may come across in the course of a year.  After days and weeks, you forget faces, words, jokes and pitches, but you will still have a card in hand. Which card do you go for? The simple cards with very little to no information or example of their talent, or the ones that truly take an extra step to be remembered?

This is particularly important for artists, designers, and photographers…which brings us to today’s feature word: capture. How do you capture the essence of your work on your cards?

GotPrint Business Cards displaying snapshots of photographs
Becca Catoe from Capture Beauty Photography compiles several of her best work on one side of her cards. She creatively uses vibrant colors and photographs with different angles to illustrate how she captures beauty as a photographer.
GotPrint photographer's business cards

GotPrint business cards display in basket

Sometimes, a single photograph can say it all. Shanna-Kay Fancher of Captured Moments by SK Photography makes great use of her double-sided cards and displays a very natural shot on one side to help you visualize the special moments she’s able to capture on film.

Liz Nugent isn’t a photographer, but she did a wonderful job displaying her interesting characters on her collectors cards (which can very well be used as business cards). Part of a children’s game called “Pirates vs Pirates vs Pirates vs Pirates”, we think Liz’s cards are fun and a clear reflection of her talent as an illustrator!

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