Promote Your Brand with Custom Calendars

A custom calendar is a surprisingly versatile marketing tool that allows you to reward loyal customers, capture new fans and even increase holiday sales. By injecting just a bit of creativity into an everyday item, you can impress your clients with a beautifully designed product they’ll want to use year-round. Read on for some unexpected and clever uses of custom calendars that you can adapt for your own business, just in time for the new year!

Give Calendars Away as Incentives

GotPrint Custom Calendars

If you’re looking to increase your social media presence, boost your ratings on online review sites, or get your clientele to fill out a detailed demographics survey, offer a free branded calendar to the first hundred people to complete your request.

Ordering flat single-page calendars is an easy and affordable way to incentivize your customers and get results. Our 5.5” x 8.5” or 6.5” x 9.5” postcards printed on 14 pt. Premium Uncoated cover stock is the perfect template for an elegant custom calendar.

Incorporate Monthly Discounts

GotPrint Business Calendars

Restaurants, hair salons, and other service-based businesses can keep customers coming back all year by giving away calendars with different coupons and offers that accompany each month’s page, with the coupons only redeemable during that month.

Offer Exclusive Content

GotPrint Custom Mugs

If you’re a popular blogger or social media influencer, you probably take thousands of photos a year and post your favorites to your website and Instagram. However, by reserving a dozen of your best images and offering them only through a calendar, you can give your most ardent fans an exclusive glimpse they won’t be able to get anywhere else. For example, food bloggers can reveal secret family recipes, travel writers can showcase stunning vacation photos, and makeup artists can include their best beauty tips.

Tailor Calendars to Your Industry

GotPrint Business Calendars

Each industry has its own timelines and seasonal fluctuations, so a calendar designed around your particular field can be an incredibly useful asset. If you sell teacher supplies, offer calendars that start with the month of August and are pre-printed with school holidays, statewide exam dates and lesson plans for various subjects and education levels. If you’re a wedding coordinator, gift brides-to-be with wedding checklist calendars that correspond to a year-long planning process. Bankers and accountants can help their clients reach their financial goals with calendars that include investing advice and budgeting tips for each month.

Turn Calendars into Collectibles

GotPrint Photo Calendars

If you’re a visual artist, design calendars that feature a different work of art each month and sell the calendars as numbered collectibles. Writers can market autographed collections with short stories or poems, and photographers can offer limited-edition copies of their outtakes. Release a new calendar every year and watch the demand build among your most loyal fans!

Crowd Source Through Contests

GotPrint Custom Calendars

Get your fans to do all the work by hosting a calendar photo contest and rewarding the winners with gift certificates to your business. Invite the public to submit photos centered around a theme (pets, nature and food are always popular) and get the word out about the contest through social media, blogs and local press.

Make Them Educational

GotPrint Educational Calendars

A custom multi-page calendar is the perfect platform for sharing knowledge that’s relevant to your product or service. Wine retailers can carry calendars that cover the history of wine, the different varietals, and how best to taste, serve and store wine. Travel agencies can display calendar brochures of their most popular destinations, with colorful glossy photos and plenty of historical facts and sightseeing advice.

Raise Awareness (and Funds)

GotPrint Non Profit Calendars

Nonprofit groups such as charities, churches and museums often create informational calendars outlining their goals in order to keep their organizations front and center year round. Studies show that as much as 31% of annual giving happens in the last few weeks of the year1, so thought-provoking and engaging calendars are the perfect way to thank your donors.

Bundle Them into Scrapbook Kits

GotPrint Scrapbook Calendars

Design calendars in which the pages double as scrapbook papers, with plenty of blank space for people to attach their own mementos like photos and event tickets. Pair the calendars with washi tape, craft markers and a variety of stickers and labels. Purchasers will be able to organize their special memories neatly within the calendars, turning them into personal diaries they will treasure forever.

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