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GotPrint in the netherlands office building and map of netherlands
It isn’t new news that GotPrint is expanding abroad to The Netherlands. Neither is the fact that one way we celebrated this growth is by launching the European Standard Business Card size, 3.35” x 2.17” (85mm x 55mm)1. (Not a very newsworthy post, is it?)

Gotprint european size business card example
But was this merely just a celebratory launch? I’d say not. At GotPrint, we’re never without our brainstorming hats, busily scribbling away (or thinking out loud) new ideas, new sizes and different paper to introduce to our eagerly waiting customers in order to help them market more effectively and economically. We thought we had all of our business card sizes covered, from slim to standard, rounded square to leaf. Then, we thought – what about those customers who want to expand and market their business overseas to Europe?

Well, we couldn’t leave this question unanswered (can you blame us?), which is why we introduced our European Business Card. We think this new business card size will help2 put your best foot forward and make you look more adaptable to the European market (not to mention, it’s wider, which means more room to market yourself and your company.) And at such low prices, you’ll be able to network and market to your heart’s content…without burning a hole in your wallet. So please, do let us know if you’ve already ordered this business card. We’d love to hear from you! (This is the news part.)

1 A little shorter, yet wider, the European size is the standard business card for European countries such as France, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain.

2 By no means do we guarantee this, especially if there’s a big image of the U.S. flag right in the middle of your business card.

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