The Unboxing Test

We just love to see videos of our customers unboxing their newly arrived shipments. Watching with anticipation as neatly packaged boxes are feverishly ripped open to reveal one-of-a-kind, hot-off-the-press marketing materials just gets to us. (In a good way of course.)

We’ve seen quite a few unboxings coming our way, which is why we’ve started to rate how effective they are in determining and showcasing the quality of our products. And our products are such a serious matter to us, that we decided to create a handy checklist of “Unboxing Must Haves” to share with you in this post (just in case you ever decide to send us a video, we want to make sure you know what you’re doing).

Now, on to the test. We selected an unboxing of business cards, provided by George Charitonidis, just to see if it met our specifications. You’ll notice this video has all the scans, checks, and inspections we think are necessary for a thorough and complete unboxing (view below).

The Must Haves:

  1. Neat Packaging Test:
  2. Slow and calm unboxing: ✓
  3. The Deck Check (ensures cards are not stuck together): ✓
  4. Imperfection Scan (includes cutting, text, graphics): We’re assuming he checked for this – ✓
  5. Color Examination: We’re assuming he checked this one, too – ✓
  6. The Flick (ensures rigidity):
  7. The Gloss Inspection:
  8. The Coin Comparison (for thickness):
  9. The Smooth-Edge Run (for smooth corners and cuts):
  10. The Twist (this one’s optional, it’s just for show):
  11. The Number Check (ensures receipt of correct quantity): ✖ (You might want to skip this one for the video, as it’s time consuming and mundane. We’re sure he ran this check after the video.)

The result? “Unboxing business cards” passes our test (100%). As for the subtitles—it’s all Greek to me.

Nareh S.

With over 10 years of experience in content marketing and writing, Nareh enjoys creating content for blogs, websites, advertisements - just about anything you can think of. A self-proclaimed wordsmith, Nareh enjoys compelling, witty taglines and phrases. When not writing, Nareh enjoys traveling and eating a ridiculous amount of avocados.

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