Texas – Almost There!

We recently announced the opening of our new production plant, located in the Heritage Business Park in Grapevine, Texas. We’re all excited about our expansion, and new, prime location! A Dallas suburb, Grapevine is a beautiful city named for its wild mustang grapes and wineries. But most importantly, this new location will allow us to offer better and faster service to all of you in the Midwest.

It hasn’t been easy though – a great deal of work goes into setting up a new printing facility. Machinery must be ordered 8 months in advance, as they’re custom prepared and take months to complete. Then comes the arduous search for a suitable location, followed by months of planning and laborious, hard work in setting up the facility (which is just over 110,000 square feet, approximately 25,000 of which is office space) to meet our standards for a state-of-the-art production plant. An immense amount of work went into preparing the foundation for our press and equipment, and though this project is still in the works, we’re making big strides in our cowboy boots (view pictures below, if you don’t believe us).





























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