Trifecta…It’s Perfecta.

GotPrint Trifecta green business cards on the table
Business Cards designed by Kristen King

Ever since we announced our new paper, 24pt. Trifecta Green – Triple-Layered Ultimate, we’ve been able to see the various types of designs being printed on Trifecta bookmarks, postcards, and certainly, Trifecta business cards. From some really creative personal and company business cards, to seasonal cards, there’s been a nice range of designs. Many of you have shared your enthusiasm for this new, thick stock, which is why we know it’s been quite a hit with our customers.

GotPrint Trifecta triple-layered paper with green middle layerOf course, given the green middle layer, we’ve also noticed that many of the designs feature green logos and designs (such as the beautifully designed cards by Kristen King, above). It just makes for a perfectly matching piece, and an impressive promotional tool that is sure to start a conversation and perhaps initiate a blossoming relationship or network. But not to worry, if your business isn’t very green, and you’ve already requested another middle color, we’re adding it to our list of suggestions that we hope we can accommodate in the future.

Sometimes, we get caught up in thinking that we need to fit in with some sort of status quo to be taken seriously, especially for those in corporate environments. That a corporate environment doesn’t have too much room for the out-of-ordinary or “standard” look. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Trifecta is truly a great choice for any business, and dare we say, it really is a bit of a venture outside the ordinary card.

It helps set you apart, so you’re noticeable among all the other look-alike cards, and when it comes to that first impression (which is sometimes all you will get), you really need all the attention you can grab. We believe the quality and detail of your card can speak volumes about you and the type of work you do, so think about this: even when you don’t want to speak for yourself, your card will.

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