What Do You Use Postcards For?

GotPrint Tina Kugler illustrated postcards front and back

Postcards are one of the best ways to advertise your work and spread your message. And at GotPrint, they’re so cost-effective (500 postcards for the price of a dinner?), that it’s almost silly not to take advantage.

Perhaps you’re an artist looking for a modern, affordable way to get your name out there? We love these illustrated postcards by Tina Kugler – where one side is fully devoted to her illustration, and the back provides plenty of contact details to ensure you know how to get in touch.

But just in case you only get a peak of the flip side while you’re quickly scanning your mail before you decide whether it should be thrown in the bin, Tina provides a small illustrated story there too, to get your interest. 

Nowadays, there are digital-savvy people that turn to social networks to do their event invites for them – whether it’s facebook or evite.com, it just seems easier to type some addresses and click “send” than print, address and mail out a few dozen postcard invites.
GotPrint modern anniversary invitations or postcards
But truthfully, how can a digital invite replace a tangible, personalized invitation in your mailbox, such as this one designed by Ericka Seastrand?

A customized postcard on quality stock is something you are likely to prop up as a display (at least for a week or two!), and the event is far less likely to fall into oblivion the way an email invite will.

We love Ericka’s playful mixture of different, yet complimentary fonts. And the subtle wedding photograph in the background makes for a nice added touch to a 50th anniversary invitation!

We’d love to hear from you – what do you use postcards for? Be sure to leave us a comment below!

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