Create a Strong Marketing Package

We truly believe that in order to successfully promote yourself, you need a range of matching marketing pieces for a cohesive look and strategy. While some products can have various uses, ensuring you are ready with the right tool at the right moment gives you an advantage that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Let’s start with business cards, which should probably be the first tool you should invest in to market your business. A good business card that represents who you are and what you do is crucial to being taken seriously.

Just take a look at Tiffany Israel’s S’more Creative business cards, which are eye-catching, clear and creative enough to grab attention from interested prospects.

GotPrint S'more Creative brown and orange business card front and back

Speaking of s’mores, we love these large hang tags by Just Baked, attached to rather large s’more kits. It’s the perfect way to dress up your products and get your logo seen and recognized!

GotPrint Just Baked hang tags attached to s'more kits on the tabletop


We also love the idea of providing your customers with loyalty cards that you can stamp or punch at every store purchase. It’s a great incentive and reminder for customers to keep coming back to complete a series of purchases – for a free gift!
O My Soap!, creator of handmade soaps, designed these lovely loyalty postcards for their customers.
GotPrint loyalty card stamp postcards placed on glass platter

What promotional pieces do you rely on to market your business?

Nareh S.

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